Is Your Relationship A Distraction?

Relationships can be filled with mutual interests, love, and passion. But how do you determine if your relationship is more of a distraction than a beneficial addition to your life? Sometimes love will come in and steal your attention away from the things you are doing in a good way. Other times… not so much. So, when is it time to cut ties and refocus your energy?

Your projects start to slip

Have you found that you’re no longer doing the things you used to do? Have you stopped working on your business? Are you unable to complete your projects? Your partner should be understanding of what you do and better you. They shouldn’t just want to establish structure in the relationship when it’s beneficial to their goals, because that shows a complete lack of respect for what you’re doing, and will hold you back in life.

Your relieving more of their stress than your own

And by relieving their stress we mean that you’ve become a punching bag for all their emotional outbursts. With stress of your own, its no reason to add the burdens of another person. Especially if they do nothing to alleviate your stress. It may be time for them to go.

Feeling drained after yet  another argument

Every other day a new argument? It’s exhausting. Why pull yourself down to their level or mental state?


Sometimes you have to know when to let people go. No matter how much you love them, if they are not supportive, always bashing you, and constantly effecting your mood, it may be time to let it go and allow someone better to come into your life. Or even better, give you room to develop the projects you love most.