You Will Always Be Second In Someone Else’s Lane

Run your own race. You’ll always be second in someone else’s lane, and you were born to be a leader! Everyone has their own skills and abilities. You are best at the things that were gifted for you to do. Imagine if Whitney Houston got caught up in the hype of being an Olympic athlete. She wouldn’t have been great at it. And even worse…we would have never had the chance to listen to such an angelic voice.

Stick to your own.

What is it that you’re good at? Your passion will provide for you. Therefore stick to whatever it is that you do well. Make a list of the skills that you do well and refer back to them when you’re deciding whether or not to take on a project.

Don’t worry about those who try to imitate.

Someone who tried to imitate you will always be second. No one ever prefers a carbon copy over the original. So be confident in knowing that although people may try, they can never steal your shine.