You Only Get Paid If You Succeed

Maybe we should adopt a new model of business. Specifically businesses that offer a service. I believe the model should be– we get paid only if we succeed at meeting your expectations or a specific goal.

Think of how much money you could have saved!

As an entrepreneur you spend money on things that don’t always add up to exactly what you were hoping for. But you figure, ‘Hey, they did do a lot of work so let me pay and move on’. The problem is in reality, we don’t have enough money to constantly pay 100% for an invoice where just 90% of the expectations were met.

The selling point.

If your company offers a service, why not charge based on the success of the work that you created. For example, Dream Guider creates ‘dream plans’ which outline goals for clients to help them achieve their dreams. The company recently introduced a new aspect to the business where we accomplish the goals for clients who may not have enough time to work a 9-5 AND work on their dream. Instead of charging a “service retainer” Dream Guider decided to charge a fee per goal accomplished on behalf of the client. Clients can pick and choose the tasks that they will work on, and pay Dream Guider to do the rest…but they pay only if Dream Guider is successful at completely achieving the goal.

With this system, a client can’t lose.

If you’re creating a service business and would like your clients to come on board, trust your services, and expect clients to pay for what they get (eliminates hassles), why not charge a success fee? It shows you are dedicated to your work, and it allows the client to only pay upon completion. Be innovative in your approach to success, for both you and your client.