Why Not Believe In Your Own Damn Self?

It’s natural to want everyone to be a fan. As a dreamer you have a vision of what you want in life… and I’m sure it’s beautiful. But guesss what… no one else can see all that you see. The vision you have for your life is unique to you. It’s your own. As a Dream Guider my clients get worked up because no one sees what they see and they deem everyone else as unsupportive. But that’s not the case. The fact is this- you have to be your own biggest fan first. You have to motivate yourself through all the trials, tribulations, disappointments, closed-doors, broken hearts, broken relationships, etc. The majority of the people you want to jump on board will only jump¬†after you’ve achieved what you want. And why not? It’s your dream.

People aren’t going to celebrate you simply because you have an idea. Would you celebrate anyone else for their ideas? What they will celebrate (later on) is your determination to succeed and the body of work you produce through all the tribulations. Keep your eyes on your own vision. The minute you start looking around to see if everyone else is on board, you will lose focus. Why not believe in your own damn self?