Why Katie Couric’s Move to Yahoo Matters

If you’re a female with an interest in business you should already have your eyes on Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s CEO. Prior to being named CEO in 2012, Mayer was the first female engineer at Google and played a key role in gmail and google search. Since taking the reigns, I’ve watched Mayer slowly and strategically transition Yahoo from a stale news network to one infused with entertainment. Adding Katie Couric to the mix is just another step to perfecting the news-tainment positioning.

Bringing TV to your desktop

The idea of watching TV and movies on your desktop is nothing new. The idea of bringing TVs top stars and entertainment formats to one platform—that’s another thing. For the 18-34 demographic, Katie Couric is synonymous with news. The internet is known for sometimes cheapening news stories, yet Couric adds credibility to an online platform that’s yet to be seen online. Not only does Couric add credibility to Yahoo’s news, Yahoo helps to rebrand Couric, whose appeal has taken a bit of a nose dive after leaving the Today Show. This is such a great move for both parties.

Couric is just one component to the news-tainment positioning

The news-tainment approach caught my attention after seeing OMG Insider on TV which is sponsored by Yahoo! The brand did an amazing job at bringing the web to TV and TV to the web.

 Take notes

Whatever topic/industry you’re interested in… take note of people in top positions. Watch their strategies, learn from their mistakes, and take note of the path they take to success.