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Who We’re Style Spying In 2013!

Posted in: Celebrity Style, Fashion, Style & Beauty

style spying

New year… new opportunity to style spy! This year we have a few new people on our style spy list. Some people have even moved up from our ‘never ever style watching’ list! And others are new to the style game! Check out the celebs who have our attention in 2013, and let us know who we should add to our list!

The Youngins

Elle Fanning style

Elle Fanning (baby sis of Dakota Fanning) is a surprising style star! The 14 year old has made some interestingly mature style choices, and has a very distinct and stylish point-of-view.

willow smith style

Willow Smith has been one of our favorite style stars to watch recently. We love her approach to fashion, style, and self expression. Remember how fun it was to express yourself through clothes at that age? Unfortunately she has been catching a lot of hate for being herself. Well we love her and we’re watching in 2013.

New To The Style Game

rita ora style

Rita Ora’s high street style has gotten our attention. The young songstress is making her way up the style (and music) charts!

The Style Veteran

gwen stefani

Could you ever not check to see what Gwen Stefani is wearing? Her style choices are always fun, different, and very much her. As always… we’ll be watching.

Who Knew?

nicki minaj style

Who knew Nicki Minaj would ever be on our list? But she is! Why? Because at this stage in her career, a style change is a must. She needs to become more classic and more stylish to continue to receive the pay checks she has become accustomed to. If not, she will begin to come off as more of a gimmick than a star.

The Sneakers

corrine bailey rae style

Corrine Bailey Rae knows how to sneak up on you with her style game.

kerry washington

And so does Kerry Washington.


Who will you be style spying this year?

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