Who Created This Whole BF/GF Thing?

Did we create the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing as a way to stake claim on another person… without actually having a true commitment? I know a lot of you won’t agree with me, but the “boyfriend/girlfriend” relationship was formed out of insecurity.

My mother always told me- “You’re single until you’re married” and I used to think something was wrong with her. No mom- I’m single until I have a boyfriend. But that’s really not the case. Because really, what is a boyfriend? He didn’t come before God to claim you, so why do you put him before the other millions of options that exist in the world?

Ok so that doesn’t mean you go and form relatinships with any Tom, Dick, or Harry. But you also don’t have to stop them either. Because- well, you’re single. And that means that you’re not married, which means you have no obligation not to date.

Let’s have a moment of silence for all the women who stayed in 5 year plus relationships, holding out for a ring, but never got one. And when they look back over their life they have a huge question mark that spans those 5 years.

Things got a little messed up when we all started sleeping around. And now that we’ve opened our legs to a guy and expect the type of relationship that comes with marriage-we discover that’s just not realistic. Not calling a relationship what it really is- like “sex buddies who share a common love for pizza” is only blurring the lines of reality. And that is dangerous when it comes to progression in your life. You can’t put more stake in a relationship than what it actually calls for.

Call a thing a thing because if you don’t you could spend countless hours with misplaced feelings and attention, and that time could be used for something far more productive and beneficial to you. You know… like that dream of being a wedding planner, chef, President, lawyer, therapist, etc.

Keep it real and don’t get distracted. You have other things to do.