When I Open My Mouth Not My Legs

A female with a voice is a scary thing to a lot of people. I find that when you open your mouth and not your legs (especially in male dominated industries) you somehow become a target. As women we are expected to be pretty…and that’s it. When you’re a woman with an opinion you’re a bitch. When you’re a woman with leadership abilities, you’re bossy.  So what do you do when you want to be a more than a mannequin?

Know your place.

And that “place” is wherever your truth exists. A lot of times we try to lessen ourselves so that we aren’t a threat to other people. But when you lessen yourself, you automatically lessen your own integrity. You have to be bold enough to be the person you know yourself to be and stand up for the things you know are right regardless of the labels other people place on you.

There’s a lot of power that comes with being a woman, and not all of that power is sexual. Use your exact abilities to have an impactful life.