What You Lack On The Outside, You Lack Inside

We all have things we want in life. For many people, the things we want don’t always exist in our lives. Usually a deficiency in our lives is a product of a deficiency on the inside of us. Think about the things that are missing in your life. What’s the real root of the problem?

If you ask people why they don’t have what they want,¬†they’ll say it’s because they don’t have money, education, and/or their circumstances prevents them. But usually the thing that holds them back is their lack of faith. Faith is a supernatural concept. It is the belief that something that doesn’t currently exist in the natural, does exist and will supernaturally present itself based on your belief. What you believe supernaturally will present itself in the natural. Therefore if you have faith, the things you want will present themselves.

Instead of chasing money, build your faith.