What Its Like To Fail At Landing A Million Dollar Investment

What a lot of people don’t know is that this site, in combination with a few basic (and cheesy) photoshoots, was created years ago as a way to illustrate a component of a larger idea I was pitching to venture capitalists. At 25 years old I was sitting across from investors pitching an idea that I believed would change the way young women perceived their role in society. I went hard to find mentors, create a business plan, and get in front of investors, only to be turned down. I never went so hard at something in my life only to hear “no”.

To give your all at something and come up short is confusing. What should I have done differently? It’s hard to have a vision that other people can’t see. And after giving all your time, energy, and money it’s hard to know when to let go. Obviously- I wasn’t the first person to get to this place. But this is a stage that not a lot of people talk about. We all talk about our accomplishments, and not much about our failures. Our failures are what teaches us and teaches others.

What did I learn? I learned that you can take a step back without giving up. I couldn’t continue to try to move a brick wall. I needed to restrategize. What I was doing wasn’t working and it would be insane to continue along the same path. That doesn’t mean I dropped the project. I basically released it from my own efforts. Instead of grinding day in and day out, I sat the project down and gave myself time to think.

In the midst of my thinking I saw an opportunity. I started to think about what I would love to have at that point, which would have been someone who went through the same situation who could give me advice. Someone who knew what it was like to want something so bad, work towards, and be forced to be adaptable. I saw a need, and a need is an opportunity for a business. Another business was developed based off my personal experience.

It’s difficult to devote time to something that doesn’t manifest the way you want. But if you keep your eyes open in the midst of challenging times, opportunities will appear.

So what happened to my first idea? I never dropped it. I believe that if I honor the new venture placed in front of me, I will be led back to my original idea (and I’ll need less funding which means I’ll own a greater percentage). In life you’re often able to see the end from the beginning. It’s up to you to walk it out so that it manifests. Even if you feel like you’re walking in circles, just keep moving forward. The next opportunity is right round the corner. Determination and flexibility is key to being an entrepreneur.