What Is Your Unrealized Reality?

‘Unrealized reality’ is basically potential that you have yet to actualize. Everyone has potential, and your potential has to be worked in order to bring it to reality. The first step is to acknowledge whatever it is that you have potential in and then do the necessary steps to turn your unrealized reality into your actual reality.

Use the energy of your potential

Many times when we are aware we have potential to do something we go through highs and lows. Our initial response to recognizing our potential to succeed at something is very positive and enthusiastic. After time, we begin to doubt our potential and lose focus. Instead of going on these highs and lows, you should harness that initial energy you have when you become aware of your potential and put that energy towards actually working towards your dreams by taking the neccessary steps.

Decide on your next step

Simply because you have the potential to achieve at something doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically achieve at it. You have to do the steps needed to get where you want to be. Decide what the next step you have to take is and start doing it.


What is your unrealized potential? Outline the steps you need to take to turn it into reality.