Watch: South Korean Pop Group ‘Girl Generation’

girl generation i like a boy

Internet scrolling on a Sunday afternoon offered some very interesting finds. But could you expect anything less these days? One of the more interesting-in-a-good-way finds was South Korea’s pop group “Girl Generation.” They are an interesting pop mix with undeniable American influences from both the pop and urban markets. Their new “I Got A Boy” video may not be in English, but their style is speaking volumes. It seems as if they are every trend in one, including streetwear, accessorized nails, and colorful hair.

Watch The Video:

Aside from their eclectic style combos, this group of nine girls is breaking records on the South Korean charts and are beginning to record songs in English to reach the American market. To date, Girl Generation has sold over 11 million albums and singles.

It goes to show that girls are willing to show love to any girl group promoting girl power. They’re currently signed to Interscope records in the US, and will most likely debut an American single soon.

Are you ready for South Korea’s version of the Spice Girls? We are!