Unrealized Relationships

I’ve had a lot of unrealized relationships. Some in the form of friendships and others in the form of romantic interests. A lot of people who were once in my life just aren’t. And looking back over it all I realized that in some of the relationships (Lord knows not all) the problem was me.

I place people in the wrong categories.

Some people are just meant to be a friend. They aren’t meant to be romantic interests. They aren’t meant to be support systems. They may just be someone who is meant to go out with me for a bite to eat. I spill people over into categories they weren’t meant to be in and then I get frustrated with them and the relationship goes bad. So if my ‘bite to eat’ friend can’t seem to help me handle the fact that my relationship just ended, I get annoyed.

Needless to say, I have left a lot of relationships unrealized. And I’m sure I can’t be the only one.

As much as we would love the guy who should be ‘just a friend’ to actually be our boyfriend… we have to give up on the fantasy. Dealing with the reality of what relationships are and can be (even if the appeal of the fantasy is sweet) saves us a lot of drama and helps us┬árealize the potential of our relationships.