Trevin Hunte Exemplifies What It Means To Have Talent

trevin hunte

trevin hunte

by Syreeta

I’ll be honest…I’m not a huge talent show watcher. The only talent show-type television I watched all the way through was the first season of American Idol. When Tamyra Gray didn’t win… I lost hope in people’s ability to discover true talent.¬†Enter The Voice. The format of the show got my attention, and I found myself dipping in and out. Well, that was until my first encounter with Trevin Hunte, an extraordinary talent that is undeniably God given. After seeing him for the first time… I was hooked.

I’ll continue to be honest when I say I’m not that interested in people’s back stories of how much they struggled. We all struggle in some form or another. And I praise God for giving everyone the opportunity to overcome. See, Trevin’s backstory of struggle and being told he wasn’t going to amount to anything isn’t why I like him.

I have this thing for talent. I love seeing it. I love that cup-runneth-over amount that was given to him. And most importantly, I love when actual talent gets an amazing platform. This guys voice is something to be heard. He reminds me of the Luther Vandross of our generation with the powerhouse style of Patti Labelle.

Have you heard Trevin’s talent? Live in the midst of his Stardust.