Our Society Doesn’t Cultivate Entrepreneurship

I have to admit that I was thrilled to see that the White House held a Maker’s Faire.  I was equally disappointed that it wasn’t widely talked about. But I can’t say that I was surprised. This society just doesn’t cultivate entrepreneurship (which is ironic because it seems like that is what our economy was based on). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why the economy isn’t thriving.

College isn’t for everyone.

It’s just not. For most people it’s a waste of money. Why find yourself in tons of debt when you could have simply used common sense for a lot of the professions people go in? Yes, education is important.  But paying thousands of dollars (that you borrow from a bank at high interest rates) for a piece of paper that rarely yields enough for you to pay back the debt, just doesn’t make sense.

Specific jobs like those in medicine and law are important to go to school for. Marketing…not so much. You can’t teach creativity. But you can teach technical skills… but you don’t spend 4 years and $40,000 doing that.

We place importance on the wrong things.

We place importance on titles and salaries. We don’t place much importance on purpose and passion. Now this isn’t some flowery talk on purpose. But you have to admit that most people do things based on money, and not what’s in their heart. The idea of purpose has to spark your interest. Why does everyone have a unique path, passion, and interest in this life? That uniqueness has to be there for a reason. Right? But so often it’s ignored for a paycheck.

We need to live. Living costs money.

It’s hard to break away from a 9-5 when you have a ton of student loans, living expenses, and family obligations. It’s such a risk. So many people’s ideas go unseen. The economy continues to tank. Hospitals are flooded with doctors with titles and degrees but no passion for what they’re doing. But it looks good and it’s stable. How long will we go in the same direction? How can people create? Where’s the room for people’s creativity to blossom?

It takes much more than an idea to make it happen.

Even with a million dollar idea, you still need a multi-million dollar investment. How do you get in front of investors? What’s an angel investor? Do you even know where to start? Why do any of this when you could just go to college and have a stable job?

And the economy continues to tank.

We have to acknowledge that some people are built differently than the normal cogs in the machine.

So where do they fit? What’s created to foster their growth, and the growth of the economy? There has to be something in place to build people to do what’s in their heart, and also to hold them over until they are able to bring it into fruition.

The educational system is beautifully set up if you are going into specific professions that yield a high income. Why not use the same structure that allows people (with absolutely no credit history) to take out money and build their visions with options for debt forgiveness based on specific criteria? Something like a ‘dream’ school. Or entrepreneur institute. With that idea has to come the release of the pressure for higher education for the sake of higher education. Some people just have higher purpose that doesn’t fit into those walls.


If we don’t focus on entrepreneurship, this economy will continue to tank. Ford and Disney were built on someones imagination, vision, and purpose. Could they be created in this day and age?