This Is What Happens When Tech Meets Fashion

For fashionistas, the increase of tech products means more opportunities to showcase our style. One of the most convenient fashion accessories is the iPad. We found some really cute ‘tech-cessories.’ This is what happens when tech meets fashion:

ASOS is selling this bold chain print. It hints ‘Versace’ (without the copyright infringement) and would go perfectly with the H&M Versace jacket from a couple years ago.

tech meets fashion

Ted Baker gets all cute on us with a patent leather case with a sweet pink bow.

Sneaking your iPad into work? This iPad cover may be perfect for you.

fashion meets tech

In case you forget how your iPad works, the instructions are written on the case.

tech meets fashion

And finally, if you’re looking for a chic case, you can try out this Steve Madden look.


Which bag is your favorite?