There’s Money In Your Day Dreams

Dreaming about your future is sweet… especially if it comes in the form of a daydream. But in the midst of imagining yourself as Stacey Dash in Clueless, married to George Clooney, or speeding down the highway in your Ferrari, there lies a business that can profit you.

When we look to our dream life we tend to get focused on the material things or the things that boost the ego. We think about singing in front of large crowds. Or the wardrobe our life as a lawyer could afford. Because we focus on the superficial qualities of our dream, we get seduced into a daze, inhibiting us from fulfilling our dream. Behind the singer/lawyer is a large business that profits him/her. But if we get distracted by material things we miss the fact that there is a business that can profit us.


Being seduced by superficial accolades of our dreams can be sweet, but building a business behind the scenes to facilitate them is what will be far more fulfilling.


And a business doesn’t always have to be something as large as Google. A lawyer is simply the CEO of her life. You are the CEO of yours, and in order to get to the life of your dreams… you have to handle your business!

So what do you do?

  • Write down the things you want.

  • Create action plans to get you closer to your dream.

  • Find a mentor or someone to help you along the way.

  • And get to work.


Allow your day dreams to ignite you into action.