The 2 Types of Friends a Girl Could Have…

Not all friendships are created equally. There are different types of relationships and the healthiest ones happen when both parties understand what category they fall under. Check out the two categories I learned all friendships fall under:


Confidants are the girls that can be real with you. They’ve been through a few ups and downs with you, they know the real you, and keep your secrets private. These ladies are able to tell you the truth about yourself and because they’ve been true friends, you’re able to accept it. Typically people only have 3-4 confidants in a lifetime.



Constituents are people who you associate with. They usually share common goals or interests and are with you for what you’re doing. Usually when the work is over, so is the relationship. These aren’t people you can tell your deepest secrets to because they haven’t earned the right to know. Constituents come and go from your life.


Know the difference

The key in having healthy relationships is to know the difference. Not everyone is your best friend and that’s ok. Keep people in their categories and you will not be as hurt in relationships.