The Life of a 90s Kid- The Melodrama!

New Melodrama! See what happens when fashion-lover Claire gets ready for her first high school party. Scroll through her fashion inspirations, her music choices, and the celebs that she gushes over. Most importantly, let Claire know if her party outfit is a hit or a miss!

Hey. It’s me, Claire. And yes I’m a 90s kid who is obsessively opposed to the typical. I love anything creative, and if it has a double function its a plus.

I idolize supermodels. Just looking at this photo makes me only want noodles and cigarettes for the rest of my life. Ok, thats a complete exaggeration, but I have to admit that I’m one of the girls who stops at anything fashion related, and I can’t even imagine the world these models live in.

But let’s be honest… this is my idea of a bracelet.

I saw this photo in a magazine and taped it to my wall. I told myself this is what I would look like for my first high school party.

I’ve never been to one before, but I watched enough MTV Real World… I think I have it down. I want to have the appeal of Teck and stay far far away from becoming Ruthie. Most importantly… when I find a guy I like…be sure┬áto be┬ánothing like Amaya.

By the way… my first party is TONIGHT. I’m going with Stacey.

I’m prepping for the night by listening to my new AIWA boom box. I saw Kate Moss with one in the magazine and decided I had to have it.

I’m playing the usual pop, but I also threw in some Salt-N-Pepa…

and a little Will Smith. Not to mention I HAD TO listen to No Doubt. Gwen Stefani is the best.

This is how we ended up! Ok, I guess we went a little too far. It seems like our style was based off our music choices.

The bimbi was from Gwen.

The prints from Will Smith.

And the makeup…well, that was Stacey’s idea.

Needless to say we won’t be getting any numbers tonight. But hey…. at least we stayed true to our times!


What do you think of our outfit choices?