The Best & Worst of The VMAs!

Who wore your favorite outfit to the VMA awards? Taylor Swift and Rihanna stuck to all white ensembles. On the contrary, Nicki Minaj & Emma Watson amped up the color. Other celebs chose black and silver colors. But colors aren’t the most important thing… it’s all about the STYLE! Tell us who wowed you…

Nicki Minaj looked… well, we don’t know what to say. So this is Nicki Minaj and she went to the VMAs.

Rita Ora posed on the VMA red carpet. We can’t say that we love the outfit. But we do appreciate the effort.

Rihanna looked AMAZING on the red carpet. Her hair looks best short. And, the dress is simple yet perfect!

Amber Rose posed pregnant with Wiz Khalifa. Congrats!

Miley Cyrus showed off her new haircut. She chose a more mature look, and we actually really like it.

Taylor Swift showed off a more classic look in this all white ensemble. We like the idea of her in this look…we just wished she wore it at a different time. The VMAs are for FUN!

Pink looked great in her silver and black gown, sky-high heels, and sky-high hair. Her performance was fab as well!


Which one is your favorite?