The A-‘cool’-stic Style of Jimi Hendrix

jimi hendrix style

Back when style was style and not imitation, Jimi Hendrix had a ‘cool’ all his own. Most people love him for his music, and although we are fans we mainly are a fan of the aura. See there is a thing missing in show business nowadays which is the originality of sound and expression. Because corporations control the sound and image, progression is slower than ever. So what are girls to do but to go back for some great inspiration? Check out some great style from Mr. Jimi himself…

jimi hendrix mosamuse

Jimi had a thing for mixing patterns and colors. As long as it was expressive, he wore it. And if you were in the 70s you would to. The beauty of this look is that you can see it sprouting back up on the streets today.

jimi hendrix mosamuse 3

Jimi Hendrix seemed like a posterchild for a rockstar. And aside from Michael Jackson, his style is one of the most replicated by rockstars and musicians today. We love guys that express themselves period…especially through their clothes. And if clothes say anything about a person, you could tell that there were a lot of things going on inside of him that he really wanted to express.

jimi hendrix mosamuse 4

Do you often wonder what it would have been like to have a conversation with your favorite musicians? But the joy of music is that its a language all its own that everyone can understand. Unfortunately, more people understand music than they do fashion. But every now and then you find a musician who is able to speak all languages.

jimi hendrix mosamuse 2

And we can’t end the post without mentioning his hair. Look at it! Love it!