The 10 Commandments of Clear Skin

clear skin

clear skin

We all want clear skin, but achieving it is a different story. Tired of flaky skin, pimples, or uneven skintone? We have the solution. ¬†Follow our 10 Commandments for Clear Skin, and you’ll have it in a flash!

1. Keep It Clean

Our favorite facial cleanser is Neutrogena Naturals! Neutrogena Naturals is a great product, particularly if you have oily skin. It takes away all of the dirt and grime deep down in your pores, drastically reduces the amount of clogged pores and evens your skin tone.

2. Get Enough Sleep

To keep your skin healthy and vibrant, the best thing you should to is get enough sleep. Eight hours is the amount of sleep that is suggested. Be sure to use your night creams to keep your skin healthy and clear. There are products specifically formulated for night time use.

3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and veggies work wonders for your skin. These are foods that are jam packed with vitamins and minerals. They also aide in digestion which help cleanse your skin.

4. Use Natural Products

Chemicals are tricky. If you mix the wrong chemicals, you will unknowingly have tiny chemical reactions happening on your face. Natural products are a must. They also help your skin establish a natural pH.

5. The Skin You Treat Now Is The Skin You’ll Have Later

We all like to think we will never age and never have unforeseen skin problems. But guess what… we all age. AND having a few skin problems is inevitable. Therefore its important to treat the skin you have now. Retinoids help with cell turnover and build collagen.

6. Sunscreen For ALL Skin Types

Even if you have dark skin…. a bottle of sunscreen should have your name on it! Sunscreen helps protect your skin from sunrays, not only protecting you from skin cancer but also protecting your skin cells. Using Cetaphil and other noncomedogenic brands will eliminate the extra oil and film that come with sunscreens.

7. Don’t Fall Alseep With Makeup On

Maybe this should be rule number one. But being sure you wash your face properly before you go to bed is a must. A lot of times when you have problem skin and feel down that you wake up every morning to breakouts, you may tend to keep your makeup on to soften the blow. But in reality you are making it worse. Cleanse your skin to allow it to breathe.

8. Do Not Pop Your Pimples

You may not love seeing a pimple, but seeing the scar it leaves behind may be worse. Not to mention the bacteria that spreads once a pimple is popped.

9. Moisturize Your Situation and Preserve Your Sexy

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Preserve your future sexy with moisturizer! One moisturizer can make a drastic change to you skin’s appearance.

10. Don’t Overtreat Your Skin!

We often overtreat our skin when we see its having trouble. But think about it…. when the products were produced, they were tested by themselves. Use one product at a time to give it a chance to work. When it comes to acne products, you could further irritate your skin by using too many products.


What do you do to clear your skin?