Synthetic Relationships

Are you insanely delusional about the friends you keep? Let’s face it- a lot of us Gen Yers have become completely obsessed with our synthetic relationships (i.e. our social media ‘friends’). We have placed greater importance on the number of ‘friends’ we have online than we do the number of true friends we’ve organically developed in person. These delusions, unfortunately, have spilled over into our ideas of the following:


Social media has ruined what it means to be successful in a lot of our minds. For most, the idea to become successful has now been equated to the number of Twitter followers you have. That is not always the case. The definition of success is different for everyone. But the last time we checked, social media doesn’t pay the bills for most.


What is a “friend”? The idea of what it means to be a friend has evolved dramatically. Are we friends because we know each other? Are we friends because we have connected through Facebook? What does it really mean to be a friend to another person. Something tells us it’s much more than pressing ‘like’.


Although we engage with others via social media, and social media helps a lot of us market our business, we should be mindful that these relationships are synthetic – and be sure we place emphasis on those that we make organically in person.