Style Statements, What Speaks Your Language?

style statements

Embracing your individual style means that you embrace the things that speak your language. There is no right or wrong when it comes to what you like and what you do. If it speaks to you, it’s your style. We pulled together some home decor, clothes, and accessories with the hope that something speaks your language.

bold necklace

Faux fur, print, and a bold necklace. You have a lot to choose from in this outfit. Our favorite piece is the green necklace because without the necklace, the outfit would not be the same.

bold style

Every leopard has its own spots. We love the spots this girl chose to show off her individual style. Pairing it  with a bright pink skirt makes this look eye catching.

stylish chair

Men have man chairs, this is a woman’s chair. This chair is AMAZING. Its luxurious, gaudy, stylish, and regal… all in one.


Those two girls in the background are completely stunned by the style explosion headed their way. You probably would be as well. And why not? This look is in-your-face!


These earrings strutted down the DVF runway. We love that they have a retro feel but still fit with today’s trends. The color adds to the appeal.

bracelet rings

We have a not so secret love for bracelet rings. Okay, we’re obsessed.

stylish hotel

Wouldn’t you like to open the doors to this hotel room?

style 2013

We love that this look is so unique. The colorful glasses pop against the beige and gold dress.


Which style speaks your language?