Street Style Influencers

We have to love how the idea of ‘street style’ and ‘street style bloggers’ sprung up. It was great to see how fashion became so democratic after previously only being accessible by those with a ton of funds and being displayed in high-end glossies. The freedom to express yourself is the joy of fashion, and street style blogs allowed us all to join in on the fun. Some street stylers have become influencers in the fashion scene, as they have followers that hold on to their every outfit. We found some great street style snapshots and wanted to share the fun! Check out the looks:

The flip glasses look so cute on her. We also love her accessories and overall style.

Don’t you just love how the candid shots are so staged. You have to love it! But candid or not, this photo is cute. We love the midriff paired with the long skirt and blazer. Those are a new, and more stylish, version of library glasses.

Even the glossies are taking note of the street style craze. Do you think this is a fad? How long will the street style game last… or has it already faded away?

The beauty of street style is that it ranges from dainty to very edgy and raw. We think girls are starting to take note that you don’t need only one distinct style, instead you can flow in and out of looks depending on your mood. That’s the beauty… to not be defined!

She may not be on the street, but her style is reflective of the high-street style that fashion has loved over these past few years.

Aside from amazing fashion styles, we have also taken note of amazing hairstyles with every click of our mouse. Her hair looks fabulous, and you are never short of inspiration when scrolling through street style blogs.

Cute, right? We are loving this pastel tribal print blazer. Beautiful.


Are you a fan of street style? Do you see it as something here to stay or a little passe?