Something Men Should Know

What a lot of guys fail to realize is that (in relationships) women are a reflection of how they make us feel. If they don’t make us feel like we’re the best, they don’t get the best. If they treat us like their queen, we will treat them like they’re our king. What guys today forget is that they are the lead. We feed off of them. The things that they want from their spouse/mate can easily be achieved based on their actions.

Guys… it’s easy to get the girl you want. Simply treat her how you would want to be treated. Do the things for her that you would like her to do for you. It’s not a one way street. You set the atmosphere for how you’ll be treated. Loyalty, faithfulness, honesty, friendship… are all things established by the man.

A lot of times guys think their mate/spouse has changed. But really what has happened is she is feeding off of your energy (or lack thereof). It’s easy to save or change any relationship by simply changing your actions.