Set Your Home Apart With Unique Decor

unique home decor

Showcasing your individuality isn’t something that’s only accomplished through your wardrobe. Home decor is a great way to distinguish yourself from others. You can find some really unique pieces at flea markets, thrifts shops, and even friends who are redecorating. You could even use paint and recycling to give your home unique touches. We found some unique pieces that may help set your home apart:

owl light switch

On or off? Using stencils (or hiring an artistic friend) can create unique touches around the house.

unique home decor

This chair not only has flowers… but one curved leg.

unique sink

Check out this unique sink. It has a cool shape and it flows right into the drain. Maybe its more suited for a hotel or public space, but its definitely unique.

cactus home flowers

Cactus, plants, and air bubbles. This would look nice in a living room or on a windowsill. These are also great pieces to take into the office.

unique home decor

This is such a cute touch…and a great repurpose for an old pairĀ of shoes.