Scissor Worthy Hair-spiration

Sometimes we get an urge to be our new selves and we often opt to showcase that with a new hairstyle. Some girls simply add a few highlights or dye their hair, while others go bold and go (almost) bald. We have a love for short hairstyles because they instantly amp up the sophistication. Short hairstyles also bring attention to the face. See if you’re inspired to grab a pair of sheers after seeing these photographs:

Selita Ebanks has fun with short red hair. The blunt cut with shaggy bangs make the style chic yet soft.

This style is both slick and chic at the same time.

Emeli Sande is a British signer who is climbing the charts. She is grabbing style points in the US for her fun hairstyle.

Tatyana Ali chopped her locks to show off her more sophisticated look. It was a great way to reintroduce herself to the business and land a new role.

Is this hairspiration worthy of scissor grabbing? Amber Rose rose to fame with her almost completely shaven hairstyle.

Short hairstyles aren’t always edgy or shocking, sometimes they are soft and sweet. This look is youthful and pretty.

Her natural coils are almost as captivating as her eyes. With that said, short styles often bring attention to your best features.


Are you inspired to grab a pair of scissors?