Santigold Gets Us Revved Up With The Release of “Girls”

by Syreeta

The Philly born Santi White also known by her stage name Santigold released her new single “Girls” on the heels of a Golden Globe winning night for the HBO hit TV show “Girls”. Santigold started as a singer in a punk rock group “Stiffed”. After leaving the band to do her solo project, she rose to fame with the songs “Creator” (we love) and “L.E.S”. But the ride to her dream wasn’t quick. She spent her early years as an A&R in the music industry and although she wasn’t doing what she wanted to do, it helped her career as she scored a tour with Bjork and MIA out of the gate. ¬†She illustrates the point that whatever you’re doing now will have a huge impact on your life later on. Be sure to put your best foot forward as Santigold puts her best foot forward in this song that gets us revved up to be girls.

Tell us, how do you like the song “Girls”?