Pulling Out

I have to say the life of a slacker has been enjoyable. The past few months have offered a lot of rest, especially mentally. Prior to this I was going and going and going non-stop. I never liked to ‘waste’ a minute. My entire day was full of to-dos (imposed by myself and others). And to be perfectly honest I was burnt out. I was going at full speed but I can’t really say that I was moving anywhere. Taking time to pull out allowed me to see things in perspective and really be selective about what I do on the daily.

Sometimes as dreamers/entrepreneurs/’bosses’ you have to pull out. Taking a step back to reevaluate not only what you’re doing but how you’re doing it is essential to success.

Now that I’ve had some time to relax and reconsider what I  was doing, I realize that slackin’ ain’t easy. It’s sooo boring to me. So I’m getting back in the driver’s seat…just with a little more clarity.

If you’re feeling bogged down by everything you have to do in life—you may want to take a step back, drop the responsibilities, and only pick up the pieces that make sense.