Nicole Richie: Our Favorite Head Turning Hair Diva of 2012

nicole richie hairstyle

Nicole Richie stepped out in style this year. Not only has she completely upgraded her wardrobe, she has also done amazing things with her hair. We love how Nicole has completely transformed in front of our eyes. And now we can’t take our eyes off her hair. Let’s see how amazing her hair looked in 2012:

nicole richie hair

She was the queen of updos in 2012. This bun looks so intricate.

nicole richie hair

She also knew how to work her locks when they were down. Check out the skirt as well!

nicole richie bob

One of her best hairstyles was the bob. The hairstyle made her look classic and sweet. She looks mature and sophisticated….absolutely beautiful!

nicole richie

Ok yes… that dress is awesome! But because we’re focused on the hair… her bun and bang combo looks sleek.

nicole richie mosamuse

Her editorial shoot for Flare magazine showed off a more piecey hairstyle.


We love her hair transformations and how much of a hair upgrade she made in 2012.

Are you a fan of her hair?