One Job Feeds My Heart, The Other My Belly

As a dreamer, you’ll often find yourself pulling double duty. The main objective of a dreamer is to ditch the duality of living in both your dream and reality, and make your dream a reality. But in the meantime, one of the tasks that dreamers juggle most is working at a 9-5 while working on their dream. It’s not an easy task, but there are benefits to doing both:

1) Work In Your Field

If your dream is to be an actress, work at a theater, production company, or as an executive assistant to a Director. This keeps you in the realm of what you want to do, and it allows you to have access to your dream. If you dream of being an entrepreneur, you may want to work in the area that will be most crucial for business. Working in your field allows you to utilize your skills, seek out potential opportunities, and develop a great list of contacts.

2) Expanded Network

Working your standard 9-5 may put you in front of people and companies that it may have otherwise been hard to get a meeting with. Take advantage of these situations. Develop relationships with people to expand your network. Once you leave your position, you will already have a long list of contacts to help you facilitate your dream.

3) Limited Time

When you only have a limited amount of time to work on your dream, its likely that you will work on it with greater intensity (once you familiarize yourself with how to best manage your time).


It may not be the ideal situation to work a 9-5 and work on your dream, but there are benefits that will help you to more easily turn your dream into a reality.