Ode To Music

by Sylvia Ford-George

Last week’s theme was music, and this past Saturday was Record Store Day. Record Store Day celebrates the art of music, and is an annual, international observance on the third Saturday of April. It’s the day to find very limited edition music on vinyl and CD. It was conceived by independent record store employee Chris Brown—and no, not the singer.songwriter.rapper.dancer.actor aka Rihanna’s main man. According to Brown people “were worried that the tough times in the music biz would eventually affect us. We were having our best year ever. I knew that the same thing was true all over the country…music stores…all over were selling more and more music. I felt that we all should stand together to say ‘Hey, there’s a big party going on. Music will last forever…by the way, here’s your invitation to the biggest party of the year.”

Music has been around since the beginning of time. There are over 1,150 references to music terms in the Bible, and as Chris Brown said, “music will last forever”. I don’t know one person who doesn’t like music in one form or another. Music is the background to our lives. It can cheer you up, let you down, romance you, relax you, get you riled up, and spin you around. Dance to it, cook to it, exercise to it, make love with it, get married to it, party with it, study with it, work with it, but don’t ever lose it.


Ode to Music (finger snaps please)

Music is to the soul what air is to breathing; movement is to limbs; thoughts are to brains; beats are to the heart; blooming is to flowers; green is to grass; blue is to sky; and white is to clouds.


Music is the swag in your walk; the tone in your voice; the twinkle in your eye; the twitch for the itch in your nose; the giggle in a child’s laugh; a breathtaking sunset; the rain in a downpour; the wind in your face; and the heat of a summer day.


Music is an amazing solo, an awesome duet, or an astounding 100-piece orchestra.

Music is as heavy as metal; as sharp as a tack; as smooth and soothing as silk.

Music is as country as a dirt road; as hip as hop; and as acapella as instrumental.

Music is as rhymes are to blues; as jazz is to the soul; as inspirational as Mahalia Jackson.


Music is, and breathes, and lives, and loves, and hates, and mates, and exasperates.

Music can be fearless, tearful, the happiest place in town.

Music is the soundtrack of your life and yes, you have the music in you.

(snap snap, snap snap, snap snap.)