No More Obligations!

For a while I was going non stop. I worked 14 hour days (sometimes longer) without a problem. But then my scales tipped and I lost all productivity. My 14 hr days went down to the standard 8 hours and I preferred to do anything but work. I was distracted, but in a good way. Now that I’m at the stage of picking up the pieces—I realize some pieces can be left behind. The things I do going forward have to make sense and have to add to my life instead of simply adding to my schedule.

No More Obligations

I did things simply because I had to (or was asked to) even if I didn’t want to. I looked at it as being disciplined. I enjoyed being super productive because it gave me a sense a purpose. Now that I’m faced with the challenge of picking up the pieces, I realize that there is a great need to prioritize. What is it that I want on my plate? What will be the must beneficial? What do each of my ‘jobs’ yield?

I’m sure I’m not the only one facing this dilemma. People who are highly productive sometimes put a lot of value on the fact that they can do a lot in one day. But what does it really matter? The things you do should be beneficial, and they should move you forward instead of spreading you thin.