My Own Natural Energy Yield (M.O.N.E.Y)

Money- we all want more of it, and we all have the power to change how much we currently make. While watching one of my favorite shows, Iyanla Fix My Life (wouldn’t you want to spend a day with her?), she explained to football star Terrell Owens that the money we make is the extension of our own natural energy yield.

 A lot of times we limit ourselves financially.

How many positions did you really want to go for but you decided that you shouldn’t for various reasons? How many years did you stay on the job knowing it was time to go? The barriers we place for ourselves and our abilities limit the flow of money that can come to us. If you remove your personal barriers, your own natural energy will yield more than what you think it can.


There’s money out there.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that there isn’t a lot of money out there. There is. You just have to shift the ways you go after it. Maybe instead of clocking in every day you put your energy into creating the business you dream of. Switch the ways you exert your energy and see what happens.


Change your energy to change your bank statement.

So in order to have more money come to you you have to change your energy. You can change it by first changing your attitude. You will be amazed by how people respond to you when you change your mood. The next step is to change your perspective. How can you go about yielding a harvest? What type of seeds (seeds as in actions) can you plant (as in do) to bring forth the type of harvest (or money) you expect?