Musicians With Style


Who are the most stylish musicians? We compiled a list of a few stylish musicians we love to look at as much as we love to hear. Let’s face it, what’s music without fashion? Check out the list:

gwen stefani

Gwen Stefani is the Queen of musicians with style. We love that she always has her own point of view, makes her own clothes, and always looks original.

Solange really made a name for herself these past few years by showing up in style. The DJ/songstress is known for her color prints and mixed patterns.

As for the men, Andre 3000 takes the cake when it comes to unique style.

Although she’s no longer with us, Aaliyah was a style maven. If you have a pair of low rise jeans, you can thank her for starting the trend.


Madonna gave a different point of view in the 80s, and continued her underwear and outerwear trend into the late 2000s.

And finally, Rihanna keeps her style evolving and has become known more for her style than her music.


Who is your favorite? Who did we forget?