Missing Mya? We Found Her Bests…

Above any other singer, Mya has to be my favorite… hands down. The singer (and amazing dancer) has stayed under the radar for a while… which isn’t really that bad of a thing. I have to admit that I’ve always had an admiration for talented people who take time off to be people (outside of the industry). After Mya released the very classy statement refuting rumors that she was Jay-Z’s mistress for years… (who would believe that anyway?)… I recently shared some of my favorite songs with my boyfriend which led me to discovering some of the music she’s released minus the whole PR push. Check out some of the bests from Mya.

Still A Woman

This is one of my favorite songs because sometimes you have to remind yourself that you’re still a woman. Being independent, not relying on a guy to provide for you, and not leading with sex sometimes makes you suppress some of the qualities that make you a woman.


Money Can’t Buy My Love

The title says it all. Usually you’ll find as quickly as a ¬†first date that guys are trying to sell you a dream. They are quick to talk about money… when what you’re really looking for is love. This song sums it up.

Cry No More

Cry No More is a great song to play after a break up. Aside from the lyrics.. her voice sounds so good on the track.


Bye Bye

This is probably hands down one of my favorite Mya songs (ever). It features Missy Elliot and was on constant repeat in my stereo back in the day. Enjoy Miss Mya.

Ladies… support female artists that talk less about turning a guy on and more about growing as a woman. Mya is one of those artists and its a shame to think younger girls don’t have anything like this on the radio. Your life as a woman is not to please guys. Its about expressing your own purpose. That doesn’t mean that you won’t grow to be a good, supportive (and sexy) wife if you choose. It simply means that there’s sooo much more to your identity than being a mate. Mya’s the flyest…get into her.