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Dream-Building Inspiration
for Young Women

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Meet Your Dream Guider

Posted in: Dream Building, News

by Sylvia Ford-George

Sitting in the driver’s seat of other people’s dreams is a unique position to be in, and requires a person with desire for progressive innovation; a strategic vision; a self-starting nature; the ability to communicate, manage, and captain; chutzpah; and a friendly nature. Syreeta Lockett is that person. As a Dream Guider, Syreeta works with dreamers (a.k.a. everyday people and budding entrepreneurs) eager to fulfill their dreams. She creates 1- and 5-year custom-designed plans with targeted goals and objectives that lead to the realization of the dream. Plans are personalized to meet the individual dreamer’s vision, and become the blueprint for how dreamers can become the CEO of their own life’s journey. She even assists in executing the plans to help clients complete their outlined goals.

Syreeta’s interest in dream-building started when she, at the age of 16, interned at the prestigious Wharton School of Business, Small Business Development Center (SBDC). It was at Wharton that she saw her mentor guiding entrepreneurs through the intricate maze of building, launching, and realizing their businesses. Ten years later Syreeta found herself being mentored by the Director of Wharton’s SBDC as she began creating a business of her own. She considers the full-circle journey back to Wharton as, “one of my greatest accomplishments”. Other accomplishments include moving to New York City without a place to lay her head or work, and quickly landing a job, three coveted internships, and a place to live. (She interned in the public relations department at Michael Kors; advertising sales department at Trace Magazine; and the marketing department of an online fashion start-up. She worked on 5th Avenue selling clothes for commission.) She’s had write-ups in the Philadelphia Daily News (Her business turns your dreams into reality); Philadelphia Business Journal (Elevator Pitch); Organic Beauty Vixen, A Brown Girl’s Guide to Eco-Glam Living (Vixen of the Week); and Posh Beauty Obsessed over MosaMuse); and has written over 1,000 blog posts.


Along with being the founder of Dream Guider LLC, Syreeta is the founder and creator of, an online website for young women who are (or want to be) on the path towards achieving their dreams. MosaMuse provides, “the positive inspiration needed to build the life of your dreams”. She is also the leader of Queens in Training, a program that prepares young ladies for adulthood.


Syreeta’s appreciation of personal and professional growth and development—with a particular interest in dream-building and helping others succeed—is evident in all her endeavors. She is not shy about facing—or creating a challenge, and is almost never (never say never) at a loss for new ideas and concepts. Her life is full of purpose, drive, expectation and desire. And she’s available to help you manage yours.

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