Love$!ck For The Dream

RBEL gets Love$!ck for their dreams. Check out the latest video and read about what inspired the song and their message behind the music.

MM: What inspired the track Love$!ck?

RBEL: The track Love$!ck is inspired by the undying effort to be successful. It is like we are love sick because of the yin and the yang presented when “chasing the dream”. We love what we do but its sickening how real life problems will kill a dream.
By going outside the boundary lines of a society assimilated to one glorified system, there is resistance. Even so, we RBEL to create the life we always dreamed of, no matter what. Consequently, we are broke with bills, unhappy with our current position in life, and having to face the fact that the only one who can change it is us.

MM: What should you take from Love$!ck?

RBEL: Be free, be you, and live your life like no one else can because, no one else can. #RBEL