Looking for Love (In All The Wrong Places)

by Sylvia Ford-George

Everybody needs love, wants love, is looking for love (unless they’ve already found it). We all want somebody that will love us exactly the way we want. Someone that compliments us and makes us feel good. Someone to experience life with, protect us, care for us, and make us happy. Someone that will be the ying to our yang; the frick to our frack; the bell to our curve. A soul mate.

Why? Because deep within each of us is a desire for the ultimate love, and nothing anyone says—not even the haters and naysayers—will keep us from wanting to find our “other half”. So we search for what we want. Some of us will hit the jackpot. Some will tire of the searching. And still more will question what’s wrong with them that’s keeping love at bay. Beware. Looking for love while not being confident in who you are will have you looking for love in all the wrong places like hunting the internet for a connection. After all it’s easy to connect with people, you don’t have to reveal the real you, and if you want to pretend to be someone else…who’s going to know? If by chance you are telling the truth about who you are online, the person you’re connecting with may not be and you may get caught up in a Manti Te’o or Catfish situation of your very own, (and nobody wants to be on either end of that).


Lots of people looking for love find themselves in a catfishing situation—whether online or not. Blind dates, being introduced by phone, online searches. What I can’t get outta my head about catfishing is, how do you fall in love with someone sight unseen and sometimes voice not heard? How do you go a year or more in a “relationship” with someone you’ve never seen? How do you get so wrapped up in someone to the point where you’re giving gifts and money and so much of yourself without ever having met? There’s a lot I could say about catfishing—but won’t, because the bottom line is that we should all love ourselves enough to get what we need out of a relationship, and who wants to be in a relationship with a ghost?


If you’re looking for love—and you’re ready for the love you seek—real face time is a must. Be confident enough in yourself to be you and only you at all times, and to ask to meet said applicant/potential love sooner rather than later. If you’re not comfortable being yourself and having someone get to know the real you…work on that first to provide the room, space and opportunity needed for love to come your way. Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Be happy and confident in you. And the rest (hopefully) will fall in place.