Kymberli’s Designer Trees: My ArBelle

It’s always inspiring to see a lady on her grind. One of the ladies I’ve been watching grow and develop is Kymberli, an entrepreneur who found an opportunity to start her business out of necessity. She owns a company, My ArBelle, which produces beautiful tree decors that can be used to organize jewelry and be centerpieces at weddings. See some of the amazing pieces and read what inspired Kym to create MyArBelle…

What inspired you to create My ArBelle?

My ArBelle began as a product of necessity. I desperately needed a tangle- free way to organize my massive jewelry collection. Inspired by a wedding branch centerpiece, I created my first jewelry tree, fell in love with it and decided to make a business out of it. I combined the Spanish word for tree “Arbol” and the French word for beautiful “Belle” and came up with My ArBelle “My beautiful Tree”. Soon after My ArBelle literally ‘branched out’ (ha ha) into a multifunctional product that not only beautifully organizes jewelry but also adds a unique element to some of the most memorable events in a person’s life via the Wish Tree, my most popular product. With tree sales all over the US in such a short time, I expect to take My ArBelle international very soon! Stay tuned!

What would you say to aspiring female entrepreneurs?

-Be Passionate- Passion carries you ahead when nothing else does.

-Train yourself to be Positive by constantly studying motivational books and articles and listening to motivational speakers. Do this wholeheartedly and your fight response will be vicious!

-Feed your spirituality. Your talent comes from God- acknowledge his part in it. Let him lead you.

-Be completely humble and people will come from every direction wanting to help you!

-Plan for the BS. BS is inevitable but if you are prepared with alternative plans of action, it’s never as bad.

-Be a lifelong student. You should always be looking for ways to master your craft, your market, yourself!

-Have big goals. The harder you work the more realist they become and that feels awesome.

-Don’t let lack of anything stop you. Resources are abundant and in places you’d never expect. Look for them!

-LOVE your customers and they will love you back! Never forget what it’s like to be a consumer and act accordingly.

-Under-promise. Over-deliver. EVERYTIME. Customers LOVE to have their expectations exceeded and they will reward you with repeat business and referrals as a result.

-Try new things. I was always too lazy to go for the ‘free money’ but when I did- I won $500 for my business!

-Be confident- If you don’t believe in you- who else will?!

-Keep your eye on the prize and literally make it a point to imagine your future self-enjoying the fruits of your labor.