Kenzo Teaches Us Self-Expression!

Kenzo is Japanese, but his expressive style is just like that of Hip-Hop’s. Kenzo is a brand created by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. Kenzo is a worldwide brand of perfumes, skincare products and clothes. The brand’s flamboyant style is picking up a large fanbase and has found ways to inspire people through his bold mixing of fabrics. Check out some of the best from the designer:

You gotta love the design on the hat.

Kenzo recently collaborated with Vans to produce these fun shoes. The brand has also collaborated on hats with New Era.

Remember playing with something similar to this as kids? Seems like they turned this into bracelets.

Loving the bag!

In the past couple of years they really amped up their ads.

These shoes may be weird to some…. yet, perfect for others.

Cute bows.



You can see the Japanese inspiration in their shoes.

Is your iPad case fun or chic?


So tell us…do you love the brand?