Kendrick Lamar Defines New Hip Hop


by Syreeta

I was reluctant to pick up another hip hop cd that was getting hype. I was just OVER the style, the content, the lack of talent. But no matter where I turned I couldn’t escape the name… Kendrick Lamar. So I tuned in, and was oh so pleasantly surprised. This is a CD I would listen to over and over again. The production is the best of the year. The beats make you want to play it forever. And the music just makes you feel good. I was a fool for waiting so long.

If you know anything about me… I’m in love with the entertainment industry. And by entertainment I mean music, fashion, advertisements, WWE, TV, and the list goes on. Lately the entertainment industry has had me so bored to the point of anger that I dismissed most of it because it was overlooking the most important ingredient: talent.

But slowly but surely talent is creeping back into the picture. And the ‘show’ is making its way back into the business. Kendrick Lamar has that talent the hip hop industry was missing. He could actually lay out an emotion and feel that was missing in music. He takes us on a ride that we want to stay on, and I appreciate that.

Check out his song “Now or Never” ft. Mary J. Blige: