Just Spit It Out!

When we look at Hip-Hop one of the most amazing elements of it was its ability to give a group of people a voice. Prior to Hip-Hop, the outlet of the voice of young, black men was limited. Hip-Hop broadcasted the plight of young black men to the world. Hip-hop eventually evolved beyond the plight of young men, and into a world of extravagance and expression. For the few who were able to experience the gaudy realms of 90’s Hip-Hop at its finest, they knew they weren’t living it for themselves only. Instead, they showed others all that was possible.

Your voice can start one way, and completely evolve throughout the years. At times we shy away from the newfound things we love because they are different from the self that we know. Or maybe we live in the confines of our parent’s desires that our own voice dims. Regardless of the case, it is important that we allow our voice and perspective to evolve and impact a large group of people. Most importantly, know that although you may seem like you have a small voice that many people don’t want to listen to…eventually that voice can evolve into something that people can’t live without. Just like hip-hop.