Jason Wu Nailed It!

This Jason Wu collection hits the nail on the head. What we like about his designs more than the other collections (thus far) is the fact that he isn’t trying to figure out what we like, he’s showing us what we can like. We’ve noticed some other designers are designing based on what they see us pin to our Pinterest and Twitter…and yes we do love those things, but we¬†like to see designers show us something new. Jason Wu did an amazing job of taking it a bit farther with his collection.

Lace and leather are a great mix in this dress!

This reminds me of Madonna!

Sexy, Sexy.

We can imagine this look all over every street style blog in Paris. It is a perfect mix of sexy and edgy.

Wow…that skirt. That skirt can upgrade ANY wardrobe.

Jourdan Dunn struts her stuff in this mixed lace look.

The top of this dress!

The bold blue will turn heads in the Fall and the Spring.

Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Katy Perry’s stylist will be all over this piece.

He killed this design! Look at the stars…forget that…just buy the dress!!


Which look is your favorite?