It’s About Me AND You

by Sylvia Ford-George

When you’re a baby your all about me is all about the attention. Hold me, cuddle me, feed me, change me, look at me, love me, want me. The overwhelming amount of nurturing we need as a baby is something most of us outgrow, and the level of attention we need wanes off more and more and more as we age. But there’s always some level of all about me that lurks behind, stuck in a corner of our mind…dying for attention.

All about me is not gender based—even though we raise males to be immune to it for themselves, but expect them to nurture it in others. And we shower it all over little girls so much so, that they often can’t live without it. All about me looks, feels and behaves differently as we age. It looks natural on a teen who’s become less dependent on parents, more dependent on friends and peer pressure, and discovering who they are; and twenty-somethings who have a greater sense of independence and think they own and run the world. However it doesn’t look so good on 30, 40 and 50 year-olds who are covered in all about me-ness.


All about me is okay when you reciprocate on the hold me, cuddle me, love me; but not so much when someone is trying to change you. All about me is alright when the feed me, look at me, want me isn’t part of a demand. All about me is positive when you use it to take some much needed time to yourself, especially if you’re always helping others. And all about me is good when you use it to help yourself AND others, but not so much when it’s only about you.

When you’re a baby all about me is cute, adorable and charming. As you get older don’t exploit it. Put and use it in perspective. Cultivate, refurbish and polish it up and let it do you and others some good.