Individuality & The Single Girl

individuality and the single girl

individuality and the single girl

by Sylvia Ford George

When you’re single you’re either feeling good about it, sad about it, or you’re tired of thinking and talking about it. You’re saying to yourself, I’m still young; I’ve got plenty of time; better to sow my wild oats now; Why can’t I find love; I really thought he was the one; I wish my folks would stop asking me when I’m getting married and having kids!

Individuality and the single girl means you’re doing what makes you happy—while you’re waiting to get attached. No time to be sad or to be worrying. You’ve got places to go. People to see. Friends to bond with. Careers to launch. Fashions to wear. Investments to make and profit from. Think Living Single, Sex and the City and Girlfriends. Khadijah, Synclaire, Max, Regine, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, Joan, Lynn, Maya and Toni, were getting it in—especially with their careers (ok, maybe not Lynn), while anxiously awaiting the arrival of their Mr. Right, Mr. Big and Scooter. It wasn’t “Reality TV” but it imitated the lives of real women, with real friends, real jobs, real wants, real needs, and all the good times, bad times and flaws that go with it. These characters showed us that you can be part of a group, yet still have your own sense of individuality and style.

A single girls’ individuality is what she makes of her own life. Who she wants to be. What she wants to do. The power of friendship and a positive, confident outlook keep you grounded, secure, real. Khadijah managed to keep Flavor with the help of her good friend Max. Carrie and her friends adventures were great fodder for her column. And where would Joan’s friends be if not for her good heart and generosity.

Relationships may come and go, but who you are as an individual is what really matters. Making good on your own individuality is what every single girl needs to be happy.