Building From Your 90s Style

building from 90s

building from 90s

There’s nothing wrong with a little nostalgia. Especially when you use it to inspire your modern looks. To round out our “Building Blocks” weekly theme, we want to show you how to build off your favorites from the past to give you a distinct style future. Click the flipper…

Go from “As if” to Asos jelly heels. Remember jellys? Well now they are not only glitterized but made for 20 somethings.

simone rocha plastic skirt 548

Could you imagine paying over $500 for a plastic skirt? Well, this Simone Rocha skirt has a price tag of $548. Plastic was all the rage in the 90s (hence “pleather”) but it gets a modern (and longer) upgrade with this Rocha design.

jeffrey campbell 130

Jefferey Campbell is known for modernizing our nostalgia. In this case, he lifts us off the ground and throws in some gold chains.

chanel vintage 1680

Speaking of gold chain, here is a vintage piece from Chanel. The price? Well its $1,680. But… it’s vintage!

Even fads have a second life. Remember these bracelets? Well, now they are chokers.

One of the more wearable modernized 90 styles are these shoes for $45.

If you’re looking for someone to get you stylesperation check out Solange. She found a great way to pull from her tweens into her twenties.


You don’t always have need drastic changes in order to grow. Sometimes its best when you keep pieces of yourself from when you were younger. A great way to build from the past is with your style. What spoke to you in the 1990s (once modernized) may still call your name.