I Loves Me Some Chocolate

by Sylvia Ford-George

I have a sweet tooth for chocolate. When I was younger I could satisfy my sweet tooth all day long with no ill effects. It made me feel happier. Stronger. Sexier. It gave me more energy. Soothed all hurt and pain and guilt and shame. Chocolate was the perfect reward for, well, everything good. But that all changed when I got older. Satisfying my sweet tooth with chocolate now has unwanted side effects. Long after the taste and feel of chocolate has gone, it still wants to hang around—on my hips, thighs, and waist. It pulls me down and makes me sluggish. And over-indulging may feel like a natural part of the satisfaction, but when you’re done—it’s not.

These days, my sweet tooth and I have agreed to disagree. I only satisfy it every now and then. I’ve learned how to put chocolate on a time out, a break, in the corner (of the fridge). I treat chocolate like a delicacy and I don’t let him visit everyday. Don’t get me wrong. I still loves me some chocolate (don’t get me around a bag of Chips Ahoy!), but for today moderation is the key.


What’s satisfying your sweet tooth?