How To Pay For A Fab Vacation on a Budget

vacation on a budget

vacation on a budget

It’s January, and you’re ready to plan out your year. Before the first month of the year comes to a close, its time to start checking off a few things from your resolutions list. Today, let’s focus on your fun one- “plan a vacation.” Because we know your dreams are often bigger than your paycheck, we decided to help you out with a few vacation budgeting tools. Check them out:

#1- Say no to credit card temptation

Ladies, why do you even have those things anymore. You’ve already been told time andĀ again that those credit cards are trouble makers. We understand that some of you need them for emergencies… but in all honesty, a fab vaca is far from an emergency. If your group of girls are geared up to go to the Bahamas and you don’t have cash money… you’re just out of luck. We aren’t paying for our vacations this year with credit cards. With that said, here’s how we will…

#2- Set Up A Vacation Savings Account

Open a vacation savings account at your local credit union or bank. Set up automatic deposits into your vacation savings account, so that you don’t even see the money you are saving. If you are planning for a vacation that costs $1,500 and you’re planning to go on vacation in 6 months, you should automatically deposit $250 a month into your vacation savings account. If you can’t afford $250 you have a couple options: You could plan for a trip on a later date, or you could choose a more inexpensive place to vacation.

#3- Put Your Vacation On Layaway

Yes, just as you put clothes and appliances on layaway… you can put your cruise package on layaway. For some of you, this may seem like an answered prayer. Just be sure that you choose a reliable layaway service, and not a small (maybe shady) company. Companies like Sears are adopting this layaway method. This option is good because you’ll be able to save on vacation packages, work with a trip advisor, and budget your vacation.

#4- Plan Ahead

The earlier you begin to plan for a vacation, the higher the chances you will save money and find great deals! Last minute planning leads to more money out of your pocket. Start planning your vacation today!


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